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one of a kind design solutions

1uffakind Design is a small, ethical, independent design firm based in New Mexico, but serving creative professionals, small businesses, non-profits and government agencies worldwide.

1uffakind offers comprehensive planning, design, development, production, programming, marketing, and evaluation services, some in conjunction with Ellen Dornan, of Queenellen Enterprises.

When you're a one-of-a-kind small business or non-profit, you need affordable solutions to your one-of-a-kind needs. Perhaps you want to develop or rebrand your image; sell your product online; launch or redesign a website; create a portfolio that you can add to over time; or place ads in dozens of international publications. No problem.

Maybe your needs are more advanced; you need to integrate your staff's workflow into your online operations; you need to create a custom system for communicating with your visitors and tracking the communications; develop custom Google maps; offer educational content; create hand-crafted DVDs and video animations; optimize your site for search engines; or even utilize custom embedded electronics, robotics, and electronic art. That's no problem, either.

Get in touch and tell us about your needs. We'll be happy to talk with you and find out how we can find creative solutions together.

mobile-ready websites and android applications

Deploy your content to smart-phones -- 1uffakind creates smart-phone ready websites that use the same content as your "fullsite". We also create custom-designed and programmed applications for the Android platform.


fun and deranged online toys, applications and mindgames

Play with the Super Superior 1uffakind ASCII Picture Maker! -- convert any image to very warped and unusual ASCII art... pictures made of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.

use Super Superior ASCII Picture Maker now »

microcontroller tools for the geeks amongst us

Over the last several years, we have developed a few microcontroller tools you may find handy. Click here for a bitmap array builder for translating images to LED arrays and a resistor ladder calculator.

click here for microcontroller tools »


Online Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps » clicking a marker opens a multiple-tabbed info window supporting embedded rich media    more »

a tabletop "persistence of vision" robot » Small 'bot finds black tape lines on tabletop, then spins very rapidly in place. Translucent shell allows a column of LED lights to create text "in air". Absolutely unique.    more »

Online Reservations » Custom, secure reservation request system for boutique day spa. Allows visitors to request reservations...    more »

Public Lands Information Center » 1uffakind helped the Public Lands Interpretive Association convert its old, hand-drawn, image-mapped...    more »


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